Deca Orange

I've put a single edition of this 3D mandala on #NFTshowroom: https://nftshowroom.com/oddballgrap

Deca Candy

A single edition of this 3D mandala I did in 2015 is for sale on #NFTshowroom: https://nftshow

Lightpainters United Banner Challenge

Tonight I finally got down to working on a project I've been procrastinating for a while: to make alternative light painting banners for the Lightpainters United Community.

Holy Trinity

In name of the Red, the Green and the holy Blue. I made this with the same technique as described in Goblin Head: projecting a cross section animation I made on

Hive on

I've been seeing amazing Hive animations popping on my feed. Comes to show how talented this community is. I thought I'd join in the fun and make my light painting interpretation of the hive logo using the same projection technique that I us

Goblin Head

I shared a post six months ago entitled painterly projections where I describe a technique I developed that involves projecting a cross-section animation of a

Raytraced 360 Light Painting

360 photos are by definition 3D as they are meant to be projected on a sphere instead of a 2D surface. On this series I combine those 360 light paintings with an abstract object that I made in 3dsmax. The photos from the Theta V are n

Xeno Adansonia Digitus

Going through the archives I found this digital drawing I did in back in 2003. It started as an abstract object that I made in 3dsmax. I then photoshoped the gooey stuff and added a few graphic elements that I thought aided the composition.


Combining 3D animation and light painting is something I've been doing since 2011. What you see here is me swinging my mobile around, playing an animation I made, during a long exposure. Scroll to the bottom to see the animation that made th

Praying Monk

This is a scene I made in 2010 from reference photos I took in 2002 of an abbey in Essex, UK. Modeled in 3dsmax and rendered with mental ray. Some things are just not right with the way I modeled this but I like the composition.

20-year-old 3D Art

I was about 15 when my brother in law introduced me to Imagine on a commodore Amiga. I was immediately hooked on 3D. I Started learning 3ds studio (dos version) and would eventually make 3D architectural visualization my career. I now work m


A subspecies of Xenomorph that is mostly invisible to the human eye but can make themselves seen when the queen is threatened. The only thing that can stop them is an RGB force field.