Goblin Head

I shared a post six months ago entitled painterly projections where I describe a technique I developed that involves projecting a cross-section animation of a 3D object on a moving textured screen. I decided to follow through with a 40 frame animation using this technique. I made the animation in 3dsmax. The screen in this first example is a pink cloth laced with silver. The subject is a free 3D model of a goblin head by artejaol.com on turbosquid.

I edited the mesh to remove the inside of the mouth and eye balls because they'd be visible in the cross sections. I also removed the texture and gave him a simple green material because there would be enough texture in the final result. Each of these 40 frames is a 10 second exposure. I find it quite an interesting way to add organic chaos and stop-motion jitter to 3D renders. For an extra crispy sketchy feel see the last pic where I projected the animation on the golden side of a thermal blanket.




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