Tri-facet prism - Rotating camera - Water atomizer

Let me get the boring technical stuff out of the way first. I made these photos with a Canon 6D with 28mm lens fitted with a tri-facet prism. Light source is a cheap garden atomizer with Blue Red and Orange LEDs. The slightly l

Lumen Phosphor Fluor Candle

9th of May 2022 an angel came to me and said: I I I I Am the Bird of America, the Bald Eagle, Continental Principality. Lumen, Phosphor, Fluor, Candle. No really, These are just long exposure camera rotations

Ultimate Barrier

These are the first few photos I took with the "Expert RAW" app on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. I rotated it a bunch with my motorized rotating thingamagie and converted from RAW with Snapseed. The black hole is something I 3D

The Penultimate Frontier

Yesternight I dreamt about being today but I equivocated myself into unequivocally becoming yestermorrow. And with that in mind I hereby state the following: (add pause for creative license effect) I thusly introduce to

Deca Hexa

I finally got round to 3D printing a magnetic camera rotation rig as I envisioned many years ago. My purpose was to use a GoPro to make 16 way camera rotations that manually snap at 22,5 degree angles without much effort. All of this so I co

Oddballian Knots

Unlike Gordian Knots, the Oddballian Knots are known to withstand any sharp weapons. Alexander the Great would be puzzled with these holographic knots. He'd have to use his mind to untie these. Kiddin' aside, I've been at it again, ro

Dry Water

Continuing to find the glass piece from Neo Silicate to be a very versatile tool. I love the texture it creates and in how many ways it can be used. I especially like

Infinity Knots

This is one of my favorite series from a session with the Ricoh Theta Z1. It was about a year ago when I decided to do multiple axis rotations, using my office chair as one of the axis but now I had a brand new camera: the Theta Z1, an upgra

Pivotal Liquefactions

I just can't get enough of the glass piece from this post: Neo Silicate. This time I used the Ricoh Theta Z1 and placed it inside the glass spinning in one direction a

Fifteen Shards

Howdy Folks! I got carried away with the glass object from my last post. This time I used animations that I made specifically with long exposure photography in

Neo Silicate

Kinetic refractions galore with this big glass piece my sister in law lent me. It's a 1 meter cone of glass pretending to be a Christmas tree (See BTS at the bottom). She knows I'm always on the lookout for light bending tools and this one d


In this series of 360 photos taken with the Ricoh Theta Z1 I used the same turntable/lazy susan as in previous posts but this time I covered it with a perforated steel trashcan (see bottom for a BTS GIF). Along with the rotation of the turnt