Tri-facet prism - Rotating camera - Water atomizer

Let me get the boring technical stuff out of the way first.

I made these photos with a Canon 6D with 28mm lens fitted with a tri-facet prism. Light source is a cheap garden atomizer with Blue Red and Orange LEDs.

The slightly less boring bit is that with a tri-facet prism I managed to create self-replicating photonic cells. No algorithms or digital transformations were applied to any of these images. Just pure divine photonic multiplication.

I considered calling this series the "Primordial Soup" but I've already used that tile in a few of my earlier works... Also considered "Proverbial Soup" but ended up going for the crux of the biscuit, again.

This time, even if slightly underwhelming, I'd like to add a tiny bit of cream to the biscuit. So please scroll down to the end of the post to see the BTS GIF.

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