20-year-old 3D Art

I was about 15 when my brother in law introduced me to Imagine on a commodore Amiga. I was immediately hooked on 3D. I Started learning 3ds studio (dos version) and would eventually make 3D architectural visualization my career. I now work mostly with 3dsmax. I used to love my work but my other passion light painting photography took over and that's what I do for fun now even if I sometimes combine the two.

These are a few works I did back in 2000 to juice up my portfolio hoping to get a job in the industry. Showing these same pics today wouldn't cut it I'm afraid: the tools have evolved considerably, but I still think they were pretty good for the time. The first image also made it into the artists section of the Computer Arts magazine (current 3D World magazine) which at the time made me very proud.

The Bridge


The Hole

the hole big.jpg


piranesi_hi_res copy.jpg