The Penultimate Frontier

Yesternight I dreamt about being today but I equivocated myself into unequivocally becoming yestermorrow.

And with that in mind I hereby state the following:

(add pause for creative license effect)

I thusly introduce to you the latest photos I've taken with the Ricoh Theta Z1, the Edelkrone One, my rotating office chair and a strobe LED. I shall not elaborate on the intricacies of these anomalies. Suffice to say it was an incredible money grabbing opportunity!


That thing... (twist incoming)

I hate the concept. One has to have enough bananas/toilet paper/green mushy shit in order to get the stuff one desires/deserves.

Rule number one is that all the bully gorillas get all that green shit.
Rule number two is that everyone is a gorilla.
There obviously isn't a third rule because this shit is original.

anyhoo, I diverge.... Here is the crux of the biscuit:

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