Lightpainters United Banner Challenge

Tonight I finally got down to working on a project I've been procrastinating for a while: to make alternative light painting banners for the Lightpainters United Community.

@mafufuma created the banner we have been using since the beginning which featured a fine example of light painting with a 360 camera. I thought it would be cool to keep the theme and layout but change the colors to RGB and project it on a moving thermal blanket as I've done previously with 3D cross sections.

Since this is a 2D image I only needed to make an animation of a slit scanning the image sideways. I followed the slit with a patch of thermal banquet that I waved arround to create more texture.



After many failed attempts I was finally happy with at least 10 frames which you can see on the GIF above playing at 15fps.

At this point I was ready to test an animation of a 3D cross section of the Hive logo that I had prepared a week ago, combined with a slit scan of the text (see bottom). This time I projected the animation on moving holographic paper.

It apparently doesn't matter that the Hive logo is red as the colors from the holographic paper dominate and give this a very psychedelic vibe indeed.




I'd like to cordially invite every light painter, from beginner to advanced, to create a light painting banner for our community: calligraphy à la @dawnoner, stencils à la @stepko, lens swaps à la @fadetoblack and @fastchrisuk, you name it. Let's light up the buzz.

We have been talking about creating a contest with good prizes once we get more active users. This is not an official contest yet but contributions at this stage will only help make a contest inevitable and hopefully get more people inspired to participate in our beloved artform.

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