Deca Hexa

I finally got round to 3D printing a magnetic camera rotation rig as I envisioned many years ago. My purpose was to use a GoPro to make 16 way camera rotations that manually snap at 22,5 degree angles without much effort. All of this so I could make a hyper-lapse similar to this one I made in 2014 with a DSLR and 8 way rotations:

The rotation rig that I built now is a lot more precise than the one I used at the time. I used strong cylindrical neodymium magnets so that the camera snaps into place quickly and precisely. These are the first few tests with it (scroll to the bottom for a GIF of it in action). They're all 20 second exposures. I set a metronome at 48bps so that the rotations finish on time and without having to cover the lens a single time.

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