Tonight I felt like drawing. As usual when I draw it becomes something abstract with hints of figurative. It's normally only after the first few broad strokes that I decide what direction I want to take it and add more details. In thi

Xeno Adansonia Digitus

Going through the archives I found this digital drawing I did in back in 2003. It started as an abstract object that I made in 3dsmax. I then photoshoped the gooey stuff and added a few graphic elements that I thought aided the composition.

What is your Conceptual Continuity?

The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe. This is a drawing I did in 2016 with a BIC fine ball pen. Title is from one of favorite Zappa tracks that for some reason I thought was appropriate.

Seven Sketches - Intro Post

Hello Sketchbook community. I thought I'd introduce myself to this group with seven vertical sketches I did 2 years ago. I like doing abstract drawings with hints of figurative but haven't done many in the last couple of years. Judging by th