Synth Beacons - 8 long exposures of 360 rotations with a 360 camera

Last night I was in the mood for 360 degree light painting with the Ricoh Theta V. I Installed this wonderful little camera on a simple rotation rig I made that does one full rotation in 20 seconds. The green bits are a green laser in strobe mode lighting different areas of the white walls and other reflective and refractive objects in my studio. The blue and purple are from an animation I made playing on a 4K monitor. I created the square, star and circular shapes by moving the camera towards and away as well as left and right by hand while it was still rotating on the rig. A mind bender I know. But it's not as complicated as it seems. It's a question of counting seconds and moving the camera in consistent patterns but not as consistent as to look robotic. There's still room for serendipitous controlled chaos.









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