Stretching Horizons

Here is one of my favorite stretching horizons (as I like to call them) of all time. I took it in 2012 at Park Clingendael with RGB gels and a strobing light. I attached the light to a piece of black cardboard to obscure me as I walked and that way avoided making my feet visible as the light was pointing downward from hip height. It also made the red line on the ground more defined while still lighting a bigger area to one side than it would if it was too close to the ground.

I like it for its composition, colors, relative simplicity and the sheer joy I had upon seeing the result on the back of my camera. I think it stood the test of time pretty well.


This is a never before published outtake where I was testing what path delivered the most harmonious curve. I opted for a straighter red line, finishing it this time, and made the trees green and blue. It's nice coming across this in the archives as it has revived happy memories.


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