Seven Light Painting Spirals

In the spirit of my previous post here is another themed compilation: seven of my best light painting spirals over the years. From prehistoric symbols to contemporary art, spirals continue to inspire us with their beauty. In nature, in mathematics, in the lab. It's all around us.

1 - Exploding Clockwise (2015) - Spinning steel wool and premiering a crazy tool I had just finished at the time. This was actually a helix but viewed in 2D it looks like a spiral.

2 - Spiral Orbit (2011) Camera rotating on a roundabout in neighbourhood playground.

3 - Spiral Orbits (2013) Going back to same roundabout but used other tools and pointed the camera up.

4 - Steady Flux (2011) - Gravity did this light painting for me. I linked two lights with a string and let them fall arround the stainless steel spiral in playground apparatus.

5 - Aquatic Whirl (2013) slightly moving a 5 meter LED Strip arround long glass tube

6 - Spiral Formation (2015) - Camera rotating and dollying while background LED strip also rotates

7 - Spiral Scan (2018) - Using a technique called slit-scan photography but rotating and dollying the camera at the same time.

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