River Mouth Muse - Foz do LIzandro - Portugal

Dear Hiveans and followers,

Forgive my prolonged absence. In between personal goals I set to achieve, my renewed interest in swimming and a 2 month holiday in Portugal I have been too lazy to post but the recent spike in activity from fellow light painters on Hive functioned as a bit of a wakeup call to get back at it again.

I'd like to start by sharing some of the photos I made in one of my favorite beaches in Portugal: Foz do Lizandro. My sister who lives in Australia joined me for a late night session and was kind enough to be a very patient model. Being accustomed to the extremely high temperatures of Brisbane, she normally can't handle the cold very well, but the adrenaline from standing still in dark waters did wonders for her on this night.





A little further north from this beach there's Praia do São Julião. Here are some phone pics from a long walk I did on a lovely sunny day which got my face burnt:





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