Real Virtuality II

I got myself a heavy-duty low friction lazy-suzan yesterday so I put it through its paces with me and the Ricoh Theta V spinning on it. I also bought a motor and a controller intended to make it spin at different speeds but they haven't arrived yet. In the meanwhile, I had to try it, even if powered only by my momentum.

I've done this before with an office chair but I wanted to sit as close to the ground as possible and not have a chair spoiling the illusion of me floating. The advantage of the chair is that it's much easier to keep still as there are more points of support.

I will be steadier and thus sharper if I don't have to manually power my own rotation and also when I attach the monopod to the plate with a magic arm instead of having to hold it. I'll post that rig once I finish it.

There are only two light sources and a thermal blanket reflecting them.

On the last two of this set I was rotating on my own two feet, hence the painterly blurriness.

Lava Room


Healing Room


Field Surfing


Island Dancing


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