Petal Head

Tonight's light painting subject was a figurine we had laying arround of Saint Judas Thaddaeus (Jude the Apostle); patron saint of lost causes. I thought it was Confucius or some kind of wise Kung Fu master but a friend well versed in catholic iconography made my research for this post much easier by correctly identifying it at first glance.

I love how one object carries with it the potential to let completely different objects flourish in between the lights and become simultaneously plural and singular... ok, It took me way longer to write that sentence than I care to admit, reinforcing my predilection for the visual arts which, as opposed to the written word, feels more intuitive, immediate and satisfying to me. But I'm proud of that sentence as it succinctly describes why I love abstract art so much. And as I write this I feel like erasing that sentence and replacing it with: one thing can be many things in the right light. That's even more succinct. Or maybe I should erase this whole paragraph... oh well, I'll keep it all. Maybe someone understands what I'm on about.

I used UV reactive plexyglass behind a diffuser sheet I rescued from an old LCD monitor (see bottom) and did 4- and 8-way camera rotations using different center points each time. The lens was the nifty 50mm at f/16 (on most of them) with a macro extension tube. Only the last one is without the extension tube and using an RGB light instead of UV.








20201119_024959 1.jpg

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