Pano Drama

My favorite beach in Alentejo, Portugal is praia do Monte Velho. It's not so busy during the day because the Atlantic is pretty wild there due to the steep shore line. You take a step in the water and if you don't time it right you're crushed by a 5 meter wave that sinks you into straight into the abyss. There are other beaches not too far away that have more comfortable waters to swim in. At night it's mostly deserted but sometimes groups of fishers gather to fish.

This night of August 2015 there was a boat at a distance with a group of fishermen I could hear shouting or maybe chanting. I could hear their voices above the thuderous sound of the waves crashing. I decided to use their lights to do this first shot. I panned the camera to get the boat trail as horizontal as possible and then let it rest at different parts of the horizon for about 30 seconds each time before panning again without capping the lens in between.

On the last one, further up the beach where there's more vegetation, I didn't pan the camera, only lit the scene.





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