Light Painting Marys

I find statues in general to be great subjects for light painting. They represent the human form but unlike human models they can stand still and don't get bothered by long sessions. Although I am not religious I do appreciate the beauty of sacred art and respect what it represents to so many people.

The pointilistic effect on these is achieved by a flashlight in high frequency strobe mode, attached to optical fibers being evenly brushed over her face. It normally takes many attempts to get one that I'm happy with because with the wide aperture I used it's very easy to overexpose areas that I didn't want overexposed. The pink is a translucent yet metallic cloth that I often use.


No optical fibers on this one. Just a red gelled LED and a blue fill. I've been told by the owner of this statue that red is not an appropriate color for Mary but I couldn't resist the red and blue mix.IMG_2226.jpg

This isn't Mary, but Saint Philomena with her achor was ideal for an effect that looks like water.

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