It's raining RGB

Today I got a new macro extension tube to replace a broken one that I've had for years but never bothered to replace. The old tube didn't have contacts so I couldn't control the aperture on electronic lenses and was forced to use them at widest aperture which meant the depth of field was miniscule. Now that it does have contacts I can use the EF-S Sigma 18-250mm at f40 for a more workable DOF with rotating objects. This lens is built for a crop sensor but with the extension tubes it works a treat on the full frame Canon 6D without noticeable vignetting. Autofocus gets very confused, but never used autofocus with macro at this kind of magnification anyway.

The subject that I've been wanting to try this setup on is the same wrapping paper that I used in Spectral Arcs. This glittery holographic wrapping paper is on a tube and rotating on a turntable while I light it from different angles with a strobing light.




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