Handheld Camera Rotations

Most of the camera rotation shots by myself and others in our community are made with a tripod and a panoramic head or a DIY rig, motorized or otherwise, often with the aid of an inclinometer to measure precise angles or the click system of a pano head.

With this post I'd like to share a session of a few camera rotations I did in 2015 with a Gopro Hero 5 black. No tripod or rotation tool was used in these. Just me holding the GoPro with one hand and a blue/red cold cathode combo tool on the other. I placed the gopro touching the subject I wanted to shoot to stabilize it, lit it with the cold cathodes and then rotated the camera. I was in a playground as some of the shots may give away.

What I want to illustrate is that not every light painting has to use a battery of equipment and even an old sports cam or phone can do the job as long as it's capable of doing long exposures.




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