Future Visions

Spacetime fluctuations are off the charts in these unedited photos of a phenomenon that occurred tonight in my studio. I inadvertently opened several one way portals into the future. Before attempting to enter one I recommend first making a backup of the past just to be sure you don't repeat the same mistakes. Leave the present in its current state as altering it is known to change the shape of the future portals and that could lead to you being sliced to bits. Just stand still in the present and focus on your portal of choice. You will only be aware of a unified future vision of you remain in your current present while trying to telepathically teach your other current presents about the importance if staying in their current presents too. If all aligns well you can all safely pass into this new coalesced unifuture without danger of impending universal annihilation and finally become one again.

But Seriously, this is a long exposure camera rotation of several shiny objects on top of a modified telescope mount that was also rotating, while a video I made was being projected onto them.

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