DNA of Light

Tonight, I'd like to share a simple 3D cross section animation that I made and some of the results it produced.

I had already posted a photo in January using this animation but now I want to show the animation itself as well as a few different ways I used it in light painting photos. In future posts, when using this technique, I will also share the animations that made them.

This is the 3D cross-section animation in question playing on a mobile phone:

I placed the phone on top of a thermal banquet to let it reflect some of the light and added diffused lights in the background. I tilted the camera slightly because I wanted the streaks to go diagonally and then panned the camera:

IMG_8590 2.jpg


When I panned in the opposite direction, I got interesting cycloids instead of a DNA strands:


This is the same animation but edited to rotate hue and played on an LCD monitor as can be seen by the blueish blacks:


Back to the mobile, I added more camera movements for crazy mutations:



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