Dizzy Susans

Upon publishing yesterday's post featuring a lazy susan I had the following idea: put a lazy susan on a lazy susan and make the susans go dizzy. The subject this time was a vase with flowers with a string of gelled LEDs in-between the flowers. The reason I used flowers is I wanted the LEDs to be obscured in random patterns as they rotated creating more texture than a solid object. It wasn't my intention to have the flowers be discernable. On some of the photos I also used a bit of reflective thermal blanket or a reflective semi-transparent cloth on top of the flowers.

On the wall I put another string of gelled LEDs and then I spun the susans by hand using counterweights to balance things out. The inertia was enough to only have to give one little push per rotation. See bottom of the post for a gif of the setup minus the LEDs on the wall which I had forgotten to keep in place for the GIF.

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