Crystal Flowers (with BTS)

I was on a roll last night. I took the same strip of plexiglass color gels I've used on Spring Has Sprung and more recently on Free Radicals #2 and taped them to a curved LED lamp that I have in my living room. I don't like that lamp much as it shines at an annoying 60hz that I can perceive with my peripheral vision. But in this use scenario it was just what was needed for those scrumptious textures. I placed the lamp next to the spiral glass table for added reflections and refractions. I attached the Ricoh Theta V to an extensible pole on a motorized rotation rig that I made (see last photo). That rig is designed to run at a single speed: 1 full rotation in 20 seconds. That's all that is needed for these intricate patterns. I swung it manually with the rotation rig locked on my waist, much like a fishing pole. I tried many patterns of movement around the lamp and table all while trying to be remain consistent in my movements and also allow the pole to rotate freely on its own axis. These are a few of the best results.









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