Cosmo - My African Grey Parrot

Dear Feathered Friends Community,

As my intro post here, I'd like to share with you some pictures of Cosmo, my beloved 20 year old African grey parrot. He's a confident bird that's mostly very peaceful and tender with me. My partner is unfortunately not so lucky on the tender department but they've come to an understanding where my partner is less afraid and Cosmo knows his boundaries better. He had a rebellious teenagehood but he's grown to to be a very affectionate darling.

I don't clip his wings and he flies arround the house at will. He likes to be where we are mostly: on the sofa, on office chair, or on the floor guarding all the nooks and crannies of the house. When I'm arround he goes to his cage to poop as he knows I can telepathically sense when he's about to poop and will shoo him to his cage before he does. No need now as he does it by himself. It took a few years... If I'm not in the room he does sometimes poop on the floor. That's a small price to pay for his liberty as I am against taking away a birds ability to fly just for our convenience.

Occasionally he is naughty when we leave him unattended for too long. He tries to get our attention with amazingly melodic whistles (he had a good teacher) or by emulating beeps from all electrical appliances or alarms. If that doesn't work he may start destroying anything made of wood, keyboards, all manner of important documents or anything with pretty colors. Like a little kid, he will go silent and that's how we know he's up to something naughty. We love him to bits and can't help but laugh when we see his defiant pose after he gets caught red beaked.





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