Color Wheels and Neural Networks

RGB spots, rotating glass and rotating camera.

Tonight I spent way too much time trying to figure out what to write about these light painting photos I just made. Aside from the technical description which I always include, what do I want to say with my abstract works? What associations do I have?

I got thinking about visual artist bloggers vs written word bloggers. Some writers use stock photos as cover for their written pieces. I was wondering if there would be something similar for visual artists: a text generator for visual artwork. I haven't found one that actually analyses and interprets images but I found this hilarious art talk generator. My input words were "Radial" "Loop" and "Cycle": This was the first result:

The radial and antagonistic loop rewords and saturates the significance of relevant loops. By the means of radially decoded loops, a cycle has been materialised pragmatically by immaterial disposition. The absence of radial cycles digitalises and presents the synergetic loop. The absence of radial cycles homogenises and assigns the dimension, while the fictional, tangential loop maps and materialises the pre-dominated loop. The ability to satirise initiates and prescribes the multitude of radial functions.

Some abstract visual artists effortlessly write very compelling texts for their visual works and I applaude and sometimes covet their multi-disiplinary abilities. Maybe, after enough blogging practice I can be that good but sometimes I prefer to "just" let eye candy be eye candy.







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