Chromium Based - Part II

Using the same rotating chromed teapot that I used in previous post I did a few more camera rotations tonight. This time using a Magilight loaded with 360 degree equirectangular light painting photos that I had previously made with the Ricoh Theta V.

I love how the photo's from the Theta V lend themselves to being used with the Magilight. That's because they're seamless photos, straight out of the camera, meaning I can repeat them forever without any visible seams. Capturing these infinite textures reflecting off a curved chrome surface yields more detail and organic randomness than a simple swipe of a Magilight facing the camera would.

There was a considerable amount of effort gone into rotating the camera at constant speeds and intervals, sometimes adding strategically placed hiccups, while also trying as much as possible to finish the camera rotation with the teapot in the same orientation as it started so that the loop can close properly.







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