Channeling Hive

Hexagonal patterns were seeping through my unconscious in recent dreams so I tried to make some hexagons with my kinetic camera shenanigans last night.

I wanted 6 rotations with the Ricoh Theta V to make a 6 sided geometric pattern but rotating on a single axis 6 times will only make an overexposed ring. To spread the pattern I needed the camera to also rotate a full 360 degrees on its own axis. I attached it to my motorized handmade rotator and put it on my spinning office chair at an angle of 45 degrees and about half a meter off the center of rotation.

Because I was spinning the chair manually, timing was crucial and I only managed to get a precise 6 rotations in 20 seconds on the first image in this series.

The light sources are a projector shining a still image on a thermal blanket and a light in strobe mode with green color gel placed on a shelf.




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