Back(light)pack Man

I've been meaning to make this shot for more than a year now and tonight I finally did it. The location is the entrance to one of several WWII bunkers in park Clingendael. I used a red smoke bomb behind me and my remote controlled 100W white COB LED backback fitted with a red gel. The foreground I lit selectively from the front with a narrow hotspot light fitted with green and purple gels.


Since this is one of those rare occasions where I was so happy with the first attempt that I didn't bother to make more, I think it's a good opportunity to develop on what this frankenlight backpack is all about.

The enclosure was a wine box for two bottles of red wine that I painted black. I put a 10500mAh 12v battery in there connected to a 100W COB LED and a 50W RGB both as output of a 4-way wireless relay in case I want to attach other remote controlled stuff to it. I added two ropes on each side and voila: a multifunction silhouette back(light)pack.

Both the COB LED and the RGB are wireless already and have their own remotes but I wanted to control them with a single remote, hence the relay. One interesting detail is that the heatsink I used for the RGB is from an old Geforce GPU.

This one-off prototype will not win any beauty contests but it does what I intended pretty well.




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