Abandoned Orchard Farm in Alentejo

This is the work area of my favorite abandoned farm in Alentejo, Portugal. On previous posts like Farm Windows and Open Door I shared a few photos of the residencial area. The work area is on the opposite side of a public road. There were no fences, gates, or dogs and some buildings barely had any walls left.

On the summer night of 2015 when I shot these, someone (presumably the owner or someone responsible for guarding the property) came ask me what I was doing there so late. I said I was taking photos of the machines and ruins and invited him to have a look. In these situations there's normally surprise or at least some further inquiry but he just answered: ok but leave everything as you found it and left. I think I may not be the only nocturnal photographer he's ever seen. Or maybe I just came across as respectable and friendly enough to not warrant him getting bothered about it. It was an unusually fast exchange but I was happy with the photos and with the permission.





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